AquAid North have introduced a new, wider range of instant boilers to compliment the extensive water cooler units they offer.

Instant boilers have a number of benefits over traditional kettles and boiler units. All instant boilers in the range are mains fed as
opposed to the older ‘urns’ which were manually filled. AquAid North’s selection of instant boilers all offer the following

  • Mains fed – ensuring they are always full and ready for use
  • Maintain a constant temperature which in-turn saves energy costs
  • Constant supply of boiling water (98 degrees) saving time on waiting on appliances boiling
  • Long life incoloy element
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Rapid draw off

Operations Manager, David Henderson, said “We have had a great
response to our range of instant boilers. A lot of businesses are
seeing the benefits including power savings, water savings and staff time savings not waiting on the kettle. These savings and
productivity gains equate to the units more than paying for
themselves, it is a win win all round. We are keen to get
feedback on the units and are
offering free trials so clients old and new can see the benefits for themselves”.

To arrange for a free instant
boiler trial or request further
information contact
AquAid North.